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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last call for Lap Dances in Fredericton, NB

City of Fredericton Buys Strip Club, Shuts it Down

The following article describes how the Fredericton, NB city council voted to buy and then subsequently shut down and demolish the city's only strip club in an effort to "clean-up" the town. The city will over-pay for the property to the tune of $135,000 and put several people out of work while shutting down a legally operating business.  I found this article particularly interesting considering my last blog's very theme was power and corruption.  I guess the "morally superior" aren't restricted to imposing their puritan agenda on the world wide web.  Now you can vote them into your city councils and they'll decide for you, what you should or shouldn't be doing with your spare twoonies, and for the employees of the club, how you should or shouldn't make a living.  Looks like the residents of Fredericton better hold onto their money though.  If the council keeps making decisions like this one, there will be a hefty budget deficit and more unemployed people for the town to support.  I guess the consequence of the city council's need to purify it's electorate from the evils of things like nudity and sexually has come at a cost both socially and economically.


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